Educational Workshops& Events:

Educational Workshops& Events:

We meet you anywhere you are to share what we know and inspire you to make a difference in your life to reach the peak of your health!!
Anti Aging Secrets
Gluten Free Life Style
Healthy Tips for Health
Why Detox?
What is pH?
Superfood Party


Bring me to your place!

Hatice Yavuz; PT, Detox Counselor, Culinary Expert; delivers empowering, and informative keynotes. Her hands-on, fun and interactive workshops offer the tools and motivation to help you and your group become fit for life!



  • It is the time to stand up and make a difference.
  • LIVE the life you LOVE
  • Don't wait until your health is gone!

Hatice Yavuz, co-founder of Ph for Balance and Yasam Health LLC, received her physical therapy degree from Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey and practiced as a physical therapist at Balcova Thermal Treatment Center for 4 years. She also completed Orthopedic manual therapy techniques taught by IFAO 2002-2004 and


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