• Andrew Ryan

    I recently started eating more raw food to help reduce the amount of insulin I take (Type 1 diabetic) and soon decided to try my first detox. I found Ph For Balance based on a recommendation from a friend. They offer a 14 and 28 day detox program, the best part was all the herbs AND food was included. I'm a pretty 'lazy' person, so for me not having to make any of my own food was a big W. Because it was my first detox I really wasn't sure what to expect, but the program was layed out in a fashion where I didn't have to do much thinking. I did the 14 day detox, got my herbs, got my meals every 3 days along with a bunch of detox information, also got a schedule of when to eat/drink/take herbs etc. This was a big help for me. After completing 14 days, I had lost ~12lbs and I feel like the energizer bunny. I previously would have to drink ~1-2 coffee/energy drinks (breakfast and after lunch), but since completing the program I no longer need caffeine! The food was also incredible! The lasagna and spinach pie are by far the best two items they made (but overall everything was great). I was presently surprised at how good the food was. Needless to say I signed up for their meal program after my detox program was finished. Aysin and Hatice who run the business were also very helpful and supportive. They would randomly call me to see how I was doing and answer any questions I had. Since going into their program I've reduced my insulin intake by ~70% (which is excellent for a diabetic) and feel 110 times healthier. Overall a great program, I would highly recommend it to anyone looking to detox or even if you want to just start eating a little healthier (raw).

  • G.M

    I loveeeedd it! I lost 10 lbs. I learnt a lot about how to eat healthy and stay healthy. They offer different locations which I liked . The instructor is very knowledgeable that helped me a lot with my diabetes. She gave me special diets. I totally recommend everybody...

  • Stephanie Barkin

    I heard about a 14 day cleanse being offered and went to an informational meeting. I was a little skeptical but had already committed to myself that I needed to make a change in my eating habits. Well....I am very glad I did! Not only did I lost 10.5lbs during the 2 week cleanse, I learned a lot about myself, a new way of eating/life style, and have made some new friends. The food is vegan/raw and Aysin and Hatice who head this company are patient and knowledgeable. They offer other services and products besides the 14 day cleanse. I would recommend checking out their website for full details. I love my new self-confidence, energy, and get compliments on how great I look all the time. Thank you Aysin and Hatice for helping me find my new inner self.

  • Andrea Meenahan

    "Hatice is very generous with her time and knowledge. She is very supportive an dedicated to the health and wellness of others. I strongly recommend her detox program; it will change your relationship to food as fuel for life!"

  • Sabrina Washington

    "Thank you so much I feel and look fabulous. Having lost 14 lbs. Yeah, looking forward to my next fast in 6 months."

  • Ouida B.

    "Thanks much for the all information. I have been vegan almost two years, but there is no much information that I don't know. So happy I am doing detox I am learning so much. I realize I was doing things the wrong way. Thanks again."

Hatice Yavuz, co-founder of Ph for Balance and Yasam Health LLC, received her physical therapy degree from Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey and practiced as a physical therapist at Balcova Thermal Treatment Center for 4 years. She also completed Orthopedic manual therapy techniques taught by IFAO 2002-2004 and



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