Nutritional Coaching Program
Get Back In Balance:
When you experience imbalance in your body, such as susceptibility to colds, disease, overall poor conditions of health, and the first place you might want to look is that your pH level. If you find your pH level is acidic then look at your diet, your exercise routine – or overall physical activities, and your eliminations of body waste to determine which direction you need to shift your pH in to achieve an optimum balance.


We strive to help you achieve a healthiest life style ever.
Learn how to eat right without struggling. These programs are designed to improve your eating habits, give you more energy, promote overall health, help you stay fit, and assist in weight-loss.
Coaching Program helps improve your life and lifestyle through proper eating, exercise, and stress management.  

These sessions are available in person, telephone and email from anywhere in the world!

Make your day smART: $395

  • The day is designed specifically for you with one-on-one attention, expert advice, and a plan to achieve your highest level of health focusing on what you need to look and feel your best ever.


  • It is the time to stand up and make a difference.
  • LIVE the life you LOVE
  • Don't wait until your health is gone!

Hatice Yavuz, co-founder of Ph for Balance and Yasam Health LLC, received her physical therapy degree from Dokuz Eylul University, Izmir, Turkey and practiced as a physical therapist at Balcova Thermal Treatment Center for 4 years. She also completed Orthopedic manual therapy techniques taught by IFAO 2002-2004 and


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